LOL. (I just read Sherry Barber’s post on Celebrity Stubble.)

I know, you’re thinking this is a rebuttal. Ha.

Actually, I never gave Hollywood hair (or lack thereof) much thought until Sherry’s blog. Honestly, I never found much to criticize with Farrah Fawcett’s ‘do’. Yul Brynner’s, either. I enjoyed Sherry’s blog. But personally I find monkey suits (of all vintage) and ties (any color) archaic and anathema. And cleancut or shaven? Makes no difference. (Ha, whose looking at the men, anyway?)

It’s improbable I’ll ever acquire a White House invitation — nor be admitted if I did. I reserve my finest monkey suit attire for events honoring the poor, for orphans, and for the disenfranchised. And only them. I’d certainly not dress in corporate mufti for Hollywood nor to hobnob with our nation’s ‘finest’.

After all, it’s what’s in a heart that makes any man (or woman) not the clothes on their backs. Mayhap when all the world’s poor and needy have a suit I’ll have to reevaluate. Maybe not.

Said with (a smiggin) of tongue in cheek. Nevertheless: Down with Hollywood, long live iconoclasts.

Steve Enyart, newly minted WCW member. Class of 2014

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